Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine

Body of work
February 04, 2013
Alum achieves unprecedented accolades for her breakthrough work in biomaterials and tissue engineering.
Kristi Anseth
Engineering ace
February 04, 2013
Former Boilermaker tennis star helps bring lifesaving products to market.
Brooke Beier
Student entrepreneur aims to head off concussions
February 04, 2013
Anne Zakrajsek didn't come to Purdue with becoming a serial entrepreneur foremost in her mind. But she knew she wanted to be more than successful. She also wanted to do things that are "significant," work that somehow makes a difference.
When is one hit too many?
February 04, 2013
Purdue researchers are examining subconcussive injury in football players.
On course for discovery
February 04, 2013
A discovery by any other name might just be as unpronounceable. Yet for Emilia Czyszczon, a newfound passion for research led to a previously unidentified virus that will forever share her name — Czyszczon1.

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