November 10, 2005
Within the College of Engineering, researchers are doing their part to solve some aspect of the big problems facing humanity—a looming energy crisis, environmental threats, along with terrorism, disease, and educational challenges.
November 3, 2004
Purdue researchers in multidisciplinary centers with an engineering connection are working toward solving grand-challenge problems in the areas of nanotechnology, health, cognition, sustainability, and exploration.
March 26, 2004
A report summarizing Purdue Engineering's study, conducted by the research firm Lipman Hearne, to determine how premier engineering education is defined and how Purdue measures up.
March 24, 2004
Featuring nanotechnology research across the areas of nanomaterials, nanodevices, nano/bio interfaces, nanomanufacturing, computational nanotechnology, and nanometrology/characterization
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