A message from Dean Leah Jamieson to the Purdue Engineering family

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Dear Engineering Faculty, Staff, and Students –

Yesterday we lost a member of the College of Engineering family through a senseless act of targeted violence. Andrew Boldt was a senior in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Those who knew him, studied with him, and enjoyed life with him have been touched deeply and personally by his death. My heart goes out to you. And because of the manner of his death, we have all been shocked and saddened.

This is a time to come together, as so many did at the vigil last night, a time to reach out to those whose pain is unbearable, and a time to pause from “business as usual” to reflect on how to begin the healing process. As you have heard from Provost Sands, Purdue’s counseling and health services are available for all.  Please seek help and seek strength in knowing that yesterday was not “business as usual.” On behalf of the College of Engineering, I extend my deepest sympathy to Andrew’s family and friends, to the faculty, students, and staff in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and to the entire College of Engineering community, for yesterday’s events have touched us all.

Leah Jamieson
The John A. Edwardson Dean, College of Engineering
Ransburg Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering