2004 Purdue–Silicon Valley Symposia

Technology at the Crossroads: Moore's Law and Nanoelectronics

Purdue University’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering will sponsor this month’s technical symposium, “Technology at the Crossroads: Moore’s Law and Nanoelectronics.” The symposium will consist of a panel of representatives from Purdue, NASA, and Intel who engage our audience in a lively discussion on the future of semiconductor technology.

Like Intel and NASA, Purdue has launched bold initiatives in nanotechnology. The University is investing $100 million in personnel, facilities, equipment, and programs. The Birck Nanotechnology Center, for example, will provide researchers with facilities that are second to none, and the College of Engineering is in the process of hiring 95 additional faculty. People and facilities will set the stage, but the real challenges now are to identify strategic initiatives with the potential to transform semiconductor technology. This panel discussion will allow our alumni, friends, and corporate partners to be part of the process that shapes our vision for the future.

Our panel will address the issue of Silicon Technology Scaling beyond the 32 nm node of the International technology Roadmap for Semiconductor technology. Traditional ‘top-down’ microelectronics has become nanoelectronics with device dimensions comparable to those being explored in the new field of ‘bottom-up’ nano- and molecular electronics. What will the intersection of top-down and bottom-up electronics mean to semiconductor technology of the future? Will nanotechnology provide the leap into the next technology or a new technology that complements silicon CMOS? Panelists will address this question from viewpoints ranging from individual nano-scale devices to circuit architectures.

Purdue, Intel, & NASA

A panel discussion. Panel participants are: Prof. Mark Lundstrom (devices, Purdue); Prof. Kaushik Roy (circuits, Purdue); Dr. Shekhar Borkar (circuits, Intel); Dr. George Bourianoff (devices, Intel); and Dr. T. R. Govindan (NASA Ames Nanotechnology Center). Panel moderator: Dr. Linda Katehi, Dean of Engineering at Purdue.