April 29, 2016

Purdue senior-design students to display 49 inventions

Purdue University students completing a mechanical engineering senior design course will demonstrate 49 inventions, from a Martian solar-panel-cleaning system to a prosthetic foot and a remotely piloted vessel to save drowning swimmers.
April 12, 2016

Symposium: Undergraduate Research and Posters

The Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium is open to the public and showcases the research of undergraduate students. Participation in the Undergraduate Research & Poster Symposium earns recognition on your Purdue Co-Curricular Transcript.
April 8, 2016


Using EEG and EMG signals to control small RC cars, students will be able tp race them around a small track by the Engineering Fountain.
April 8, 2016

SAE Car Show

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) will present their project car show. Snacks will also be provided.
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