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July 9, 2016

WIEP program for girls in grades 7-9, "Engineering FYI: For Your Imagination"

Geared toward girls interested in engineering and science, the program runs from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 9. It will offer hands-on activities where students' imagination, teamwork and leadership can be applied. Students will be chaperoned and connected with a College of Engineering student who will serve as a mentor. Lunch will be provided to participating students. Online registration is required and spaces are limited.
June 19, 2016

Blue Origin rocket launch with Purdue payload

Purdue Aeronautics and Astronautics Prof. Steven Collicott is sending an original zero-gravity fluids experiment up with Blue Origin's "New Shepard" rocket on Sunday, June 19th.
April 29, 2016

Purdue senior-design students to display 49 inventions

Purdue University students completing a mechanical engineering senior design course will demonstrate 49 inventions, from a Martian solar-panel-cleaning system to a prosthetic foot and a remotely piloted vessel to save drowning swimmers.
April 12, 2016

Symposium: Undergraduate Research and Posters

The Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium is open to the public and showcases the research of undergraduate students. Participation in the Undergraduate Research & Poster Symposium earns recognition on your Purdue Co-Curricular Transcript.
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