Nauman named director of Honors Program

Eric Nauman
Eric Nauman
Eric Nauman, associate professor mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering and basic medical sciences, has been named director of the Honors Program in the College of Engineering, effective immediately. Leah Jamieson, the John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering, announced the appointment on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

Jamieson said he is "responsible for providing educational enrichment opportunities for the College of Engineering Honors students as well as developing a continuous quality improvement model that will integrate the honors initiatives into the mainstream curriculum."

Nauman, who also serves as director of the Purdue Human Injury Research and Regenerative Technologies Laboratory, obtained his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 2000. His research interests include orthopaedic tissue regeneration, the repair of vital organs, the development of novel cancer treatments, and the primary and secondary injury patterns of the central nervous system. Nauman has received the Purdue College of Engineering Early Career Research Award of Excellence, is a University Faculty Scholar, and was recently named the B.F.S. Schaefer Outstanding Young Faculty Scholar in the School of Mechanical Engineering. 

In her announcement, Jamieson also said, "As a teacher, Dr. Nauman has adopted a continuous quality improvement model for advancing the level of undergraduate and graduate education, emphasizing active learning, case studies, global perspectives, and alternative methods of content delivery. 

"Dr. Nauman participated in the NETI workshop and has continued developing novel examples and applications of basic mechanics that engage students and encourage them to incorporate concepts from a variety of fields. He demonstrated that global case studies can be used to improve students' awareness and appreciation of other cultures and points of view. This work led to his participation in Purdue's ENGAGE team where he has helped develop a course in visualization, and education materials that integrate everyday examples and active learning into basic mechanics courses. 

"For the last seven years, Dr. Nauman has mentored students in EPICS, and is currently the advisor and technical consultant a team that partners with St. Vincent's Rehabilitation Center, and ADAPT-IF, a non-profit cofounded by Dr. Nauman to provide low cost assistive technologies to underserved groups. These teams have delivered more than a dozen new devices to assist clinicians and physical therapists in the care of children."