July 13, 2016

'Freeform Classroom' could counter engineering's sophomore slump

New research aims to measure the effectiveness of a teaching approach that allows students in challenging engineering courses to access hundreds of instructional videos and animations while encouraging interaction with each other and faculty online.
June 30, 2016

Astronaut David Wolf speaks at Purdue Cancer Moonshot event

Purdue University - alma mater of the first man to set foot on the moon - is playing a role in another national moonshot initiative; this one seeking not to land on the moon but to double the rate of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care over the next five years.
June 24, 2016

Global rankings list puts Purdue’s Civil Engineering in top spot

A recent global, discipline-specific ranking places one Purdue University engineering school at the head of the class, according to ShanghaiRankings. The Global Rankings of Academic Subjects, released Wednesday (June 15), lists the College of Engineering’s Lyles School of Civil Engineering as first on the list of the best civil engineering institutions in the world.
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