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September 22, 2015

Sodium-ion batteries are potential power technology of future

The high cost and scarcity of lithium are driving research to develop alternatives to lithium-ion batteries, especially to meet future needs in energy storage, say researchers from Purdue University in an article about a potential replacement.
September 21, 2015

NASA's Bolden helping Purdue announce 'Systems Collaboratory'

NASA administrator Charles Bolden on Friday (Sept. 25) will help kick off the Purdue Systems Collaboratory aimed at integrating multidisciplinary teaching and research stressing the "convergence of knowledge" in problem solving.
September 18, 2015

Purdue food safety technology ready for commercial development

Quality control facilities in the food industry and the federal government can use new technology developed by a team of Purdue University researchers to speed up the process of detecting pathogens like salmonella in fruits, vegetables, meat and other food.
September 10, 2015

Study reveals need for better understanding of water use

A new study reveals a pressing need to better understand water use in America's rivers, with implications for drought-stricken regions of the country. Findings from the study showed that virtually all of the water entering the Wabash River in Indiana during summer months is withdrawn and then returned to the waterway.
August 26, 2015

EPE wins marketing award

A print advertisement for Engineering Professional Education (EPE) has received a 2015 Silver Award for a Single Ad from UPCEA, the University Professional & Continuing Education Association.
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