Institute for Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

The purpose of IIES is to utilize the intellectual and physical resources within the Schools of Engineering to facilitate solutions to important interdisciplinary problems in society.

Major interdisciplinary research thrusts within IIES do not inhibit or supercede departmental or individual faculty research efforts, but build on the combined strengths of our present structure and faculty to attack major research problems.

Additional objectives are to:

  • Establish a means by which the Schools of Engineering can provide engineering leadership and coordinated management of inter- and intradisciplinary programs in research, development, and education at Purdue University.
  • Promote and foster research that crosses departmental and school lines.
  • Initiate new areas of potential long-range promise to the Schools of Engineering and Purdue University.
  • Provide an organized forum for the discussion and exchange of information among researchers from the several disciplines involved directly or peripherally in specific areas of education, research, and development.

Tours in Institute for Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

Potter Engineering Center
Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering