Construction Engineering and Management

Students working toward the Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Management earn an engineering degree tailored to prepare graduates for professional work in construction. The CEM curriculum includes about 80% civil engineering courses, and about 20% management courses that are focused on the knowledge needed in construction careers. The degree is ABET-accredited and many graduates go on to become registered professional engineers.

A unique feature of CEM program is the internship requirement. Each CEM student is required to serve three work periods (normally summers) in the field with a U.S. construction organization, typically beginning in May following Freshman Engineering. Upon graduation, you will have completed 36 (3x12) weeks of actual on job work experience in addition to your classroom work. Purdue arranges each student's assignment and location with a qualified sponsor firm. The intern's wages and benefits cover summer living expenses with some earnings left over each year.

The learning experiences gained from the internships complement the student's classroom education significantly. Graduates and employers consistently give high credit to the CEM internships as the best preparation for the "real world" of construction that a college student could have.

Tours in Construction Engineering and Management