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Professor Johnny Park
February 9, 2016
Professor Johnny Park, also president of Spensa Technologies, worked with AgReliant to develop a platform to maximize the genetic potential of seeds and provide an innovative user interface for their customers.
Graduate Student Alice Jou
February 2, 2016
Her paper is entitled "An Efficient Fully Integrated Miniature Rectenna in a Standard CMOS SOI Technology." The co-authors of the paper are Reza Azadegan and Professor Saeed Mohammadi. This is the second time Alice has won in this competition. She is advised by Professor Mohammadi.
Graduate students Hrishikesh Jayakumar, Arnab Raha, and Professor Vijay Raghunathan
January 25, 2016
Their paper was titled "Energy-Aware Memory Mapping for Hybrid FRAM-SRAM MCUs in IoT Edge Devices".
Graduate Student I-Fan Lin
January 25, 2016
The awards recognize Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College students and student organizations for outstanding community service, which contributes to enhancing the quality of life in Greater Lafayette.
aakash gupta and james gerber
January 19, 2016
The first place team, HEARD, created a highly portable and easily customizable augmentative communication device for individuals affected by autism. The second place team, ACCESS, created a coding platform for beginner programmers and is a tool to be used by teachers and students to provide a better programming experience in entry level classes.
David S. Ebert and Christian E. Butzke, two co-founders of agriculture software startup VinSense LLC
January 12, 2016
ECE Professor David Ebert, the company's CTO, says the company provides software and data visualization to help growers better manage how climate, weather, irrigation needs, soil variation, and their vineyard management will impact the quality and value of their grapes.