Dr. Charles M. Krousgrill Jr.:
From Lawnmower Mechanic to Mechanics Professor

Event Date: March 22, 2013
Dr. Charles M. Krousgrill Jr.


Professor Charles M. (Chuck) Krousgrill has served Purdue University as a leading mechanics educator for nearly 30 years. During this time, few, if any, individuals have had a greater impact on undergraduate students and engineering education within Purdue University. Chuck’s pioneering efforts in mechanics education and his skill in the classroom have earned him numerous teaching awards and international accolades.  Perhaps Chuck’s greatest contribution is his unequaled commitment to the students of Purdue University as he works to adapt tools and methods to our evolving educational environment to ensure the best academic experience for every pupil. 

During Chuck’s tenure he has received an impressive array of awards. He is a seven time recipient of the School of Mechanical Engineering’s Harry L. Solberg Best Teacher Award, which is awarded on an annual basis and selected by the School’s student body, a four time recipient of the College of Engineering’s Potter Best Teacher Award, and a recipient of the University’s Murphy Best Teacher Award.  In 2010 Chuck was recognized by the Purdue Alumni Association with the Special Boilermaker Award for his continual efforts to improve the undergraduate experience, and, in 2011, the American Society of Engineering Education awarded him the Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award – the de facto lifetime achievement award for educational accomplishments in his field.  

In conjunction with colleagues at the University of Virginia, University of Akron, and Smith College, Chuck has worked to advance mechanics education through the use of Web2.0 technologies, including blogs and wikis.  These efforts have resulted in uniform praise from students at each of the focus institutions, have garnered repeated interest from the academic media, including the Chronicle of Higher Education, and have resulted in numerous innovation awards, including  the 2010 Helping Students Learn Award, which was recently awarded to Chuck in honor of his unique ability to develop a virtual, personalized learning environment for the hundreds of students who take Purdue’s sophomore level dynamics course.