AAE Visiting Faculty Seminar

Event Date: March 25, 2014
Sponsor: AAE
Time: 9:30 AM
Location: ARMS 3115
Contact Name: Jennifer LaGuire
Contact Email: jenn@purdue.edu
“Microfabricated Expandable Sensor Networks for Intelligent Structures”


Recently there has been significant interest in intelligent materials and structures for feedback control of unmanned aerial vehicles. Many challenges exist in creating and deploying the sensors and systems to create intelligent structures without substantial parasitic side effects. Micro-fabricated expandable sensor networks address many of these issues. These networks leverage nonstandard C-MOS micro and nano-fabrication techniques, like those used to create billions of transistors on a microchip, to mass fabricate integrated networks of micro-scale sensors and then simultaneously deploy them over an area orders of magnitude greater than the initial fabrication area. The resulting networks have component dimensions on the order of micrometers spanning areas on the order of square meters creating the potential to integrate them into structures in bond lines, replacing scrims, or between lamina in a composite material. The scales, techniques, and materials used to create these networks present many challenges and opportunities in system design and fabrication. This seminar will review several of the sensors and systems that have been created on stretchable networks, fabrication challenges, and new designs for more efficient devices along with a vision on future research and applications.