Management Course Options

Krannert School of Management Courses

Below are a list of courses either required and/or recommended for students in the Engineering Management program. Students in the 1 year accelerated program will choose at least three of the four courses listed.

MGMT 600 Accounting for Managers (required)

Accounting is a language that is used to tell complex financial stories. The accounting information can also be used to analyze complicated decisions. The main objective of this course is to enable consultants, investment bankers, managers at all levels to appreciate, understand, and use the accounting numbers. The major focus of the class is acquiring an understanding of the financial (external) reporting process.

MGMT 620 Marketing Management (required)

An integrated analysis of major marketing decisions, including product pricing, advertising, distribution, and sales force policies.

MGMT 660 Introduction to Operations Management (required)

As goods and services are produced and distributed, they move through a set of inter-related operations or processes in order to match supply with demand. The design of these operations for strategic advantage, investment in improving their efficiency and effectiveness, and controlling these operations to meet performance objectives is the domain of Operations Management. The primary objective of the course is to provide an overview of this important functional area of business.

MGMT 650 Strategic Management (recommended)

Concepts and methods that integrate previous training in functional areas of management. The perspective is that of the general manager charged with directing the total enterprise. Emphasis is given to formulation and implementation of strategy.

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