Systems Courses

Note: Courses in red may be used on the plan of study, but do not count as graduate level engineering courses.

Courses with * are offered via distance.

Course # Course Title
AAE 550* Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
AAE 551 Design Theory and Methods for Aerospace Systems
AAE 552* Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials
AAE 560* System of Systems Modeling and Analysis (used to be AAE 590 course)
AAE 564* Systems Analysis and Synthesis
AAE 590 Air Transportation System
AAE 590 Intro to Convex Optimization
AAE 590* System of Systems Modeling and Analysis (Now AAE 560)
AAE 590 System Safety and Reliability
AAE 590
/IE 590
Perspective on Systems Engineering
AAE 668 Hybrid Systems: Theory and Application
CE 51401
/ME 597
Building Controls
CE 520 Construction Project Control Systems
CE 561 Transportation Systems Analysis
CE 568 Highway Infrastructure Management Systems
CE 594 Transportation Systems Analysis
CE 660 Demand Analysis Forecasting
CHE 450 Design and Analysis of Processing Systems
CHE 597 Process Synthesis
ECE 568 Embedded Systems
ECE 574 Software engineering Methodology
ECE 580* Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
ECE 595 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
ECE 625 Advanced Analysis of Electromechanical Systems
ECE 633* Modeling and Simulation of Power System Components
ECE 634 Digital Video Systems
ECE 638 Principles of Digital Color Imaging Systems
ECE 670* Modeling and Optimization of High Performance Interconnects
ECE 695* Power Electronic Converters and Systems
ENE 554 Globalization and Engineering
IE 530* Quality Control
IE 532* Reliability
IE 533* Industrial Applications of Statistics
IE 545* Engineering Economic Analysis
IE 546* Economic Decisions in Engineering
IE 558* Safety Engineering
IE 570* Manufacturing Process Engineering
IE 577* Human Factors in Engineering
IE 579 Design and Control of Production and Manufacturing Systems
IE 580* Systems Simulation
IE 582* Advanced Facilities Design
IE 590* Perspectives on System Engineering
IE 590* Applied Ergonomics (Now IE 594)
IE 590* Manufacturing Economics
IE 590
/AAE 590
Perspective on Systems Engineering
IE 590 Product Usability
IE 590 Service Engineering
IE 594 Introduction to Systems Engineering (Used to be IE 590 course)
IE 674* Computer and Communication Methods for Production Control
ME 518 Analysis of Thermal Systems
ME 553* Product and Process Design
ME 557* Design for Manufacturability (Students expected to come on campus for labs)
ME 561 Optimal Design: Theory with Practice
ME 571* Reliability Based Design
ME 580 Nonlinear Engineering Systems
ME 597/
CE 51401
Building Controls
MSE 559 Phase Equilibria in Multicomponent Systems
MSE 576 Corrosion
MSE 597 Lean Manufacturing
TECH 522 Sustainability Foundation
TECH 523 Sustainable Critical Infrastructures