Alumni Profiles

2017 Graduates

Bhagyashree Ganore

Graduated August 2017

Current: Intel, OTD Die Prep Platform Lead-Packaging R&D

Previous: Intel, Thermal Engineer

“I would encourage students to go for Purdue Engineering Management because it gives you a feel of how businesses works and how companies work. Both aspects are important if you want to be in industry, and you want to grow within industry to reach a managerial position in your career. 

“In the Engineering Management program, you can do everything you do in a traditional engineering program, and in addition to that you learn management. You do not have to focus only on the program’s required courses because you have flexibility to take advantage of other opportunities. I was able to participate in a research project that helped me learn the basic fundamentals. Furthermore, Purdue has such a great campus. There are so many facilities for the students, along with great labs and professors. Our program staff have also been really supportive.

“I feel like if you love what you do things will always work out and it will always be more than what you expected. I am proud to say I am a Purdue Engineering Management graduate and I would encourage more students to go for our program.”

Joseph Ianev

Graduated December 2017

The Boeing Company, Wire Installation Engineer

"I currently work at The Boeing Company at the Philadelphia Design Center (Ridley Park) under the role of Wire Installation Engineer. My work consists of designing and modeling (CATIA V5) electrical wire routing for the 777X and legacy models (777-300/777-200) for various airline customers including Emirates, Lufthansa, and Qatar. I have ownership over 4 areas of the aircraft, both left and right of the very aft sidewalls and forward ceiling panels, near the cockpit. Aside from design work, I work closely with manufacturing engineering and factory technicians in Everett to ensure the design is feasible and functional.

My position requires a lot of communication and coordination between many different teams, such as structures, wire design, and manufacturing. The Purdue Master of Engineering Management graduate program gave me tons of team experience working with engineers and non-engineers through various projects. The program gave me the skills to communicate professionally and effectively with anyone in a professional industry setting, even when stressed or under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

I think the biggest benefit to the Purdue MEM program is discovering what you will enjoy for a career path through your coursework experience. Take your time and do your research when signing up for courses to see which interest you the most, even if a topic may be a less popular choice among your program peers. It will be worth it when you learn something that you truly enjoy!

Being a Purdue engineer is being someone who has the drive and ability to deliver the highest quality of work even during difficult and stressful circumstances. We are independent learners who enjoy contributing our knowledge and skills to any project."


Mayank Kadam

Graduated May 2017

Amazon Web Services, Sales Operations Analyst

“My team is the central analytics team for the worldwide public sector with AWS. Hence, the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis are varied and interesting. They range from performing analysis on a specific business section or trend to overall analysis of business health. My role includes performing the analysis and then creating narratives from the analysis outcomes.

Purdue MEM provided me flexibility in choosing any courses from the engineering and business school, which helped me not only explore different areas, but also identify my passion. This is really significant. As we can all agree, navigating through industry with a confused mind is difficult and detrimental to building a successful career. Furthermore, the program has well equipped me with the right skillsets (from business communication to playing golf!) that are beyond the subject matter taught in courses, which gave my professional personality an edge up. Lastly, I cannot mention enough the strong support, guidance and invaluable advice from Eric VandeVoorde, our Program Director. He helped me identify, reach, and many times exceed my potential by making the most of every opportunity at hand.

The value of MEM in industry is high once it is realized that the degree not only imparts the knowledge of a subject, but reinforces and enrichens it with hands-on projects. Along with that, building competencies that aid in navigating through the professional environment with ease further enhances the worth of the degree. Other key areas of value for Purdue MEM are the global brand of Purdue as an institution and the positive reputation that program alums continue to earn in industry. Plus, as we continue growing our program year-after-year, the value recognition only continues to deepen and widen.

The best part of the program is that you can make of it what you want. If you have identified your passion and want to dive deep into it, this offers the depth to do so – choose the courses and projects around your passion subject. If you haven’t yet identified your focus area and are confused like I was initially – take different courses from different fields and explore your calling. I have seen people identify their niche in mechanical, chemical, supply chain, industrial, business analytics, marketing analytics…and the list goes on.

Being a Purdue Engineer is a thing to cherish for a lifetime. It just doesn’t mean being a part of this great university, it also means taking pride in the rich history, impactful excellence, and continued commitment to go boldly forward for our institution’s next 150 years. With that behind me as a support and encouragement, being a Purdue Alum gives me a great sense of confidence to go achieve the things that I dream and take my own GIANT LEAPS! Boiler Up!”

Matt Liebermann

Graduated May 2017

Kiewit, Substation Engineer

“In my role as a Substation Engineer with Kiewit, I design the flow of power throughout the substation, as well as ensuring the system is protected in the event of abnormal operations or station faults. I also manage our circuit breaker supplier contracts to ensure we are getting the right equipment for specific job needs.

“The Purdue Engineering Management program allowed me to expand my technical skills and management understanding, which are both critical aspects of my job. The flexible curriculum allowed me to build up my knowledge of power systems across several engineering disciplines while simultaneously learning key aspects of project management and supplier contract negotiations.

“In my industry, an Engineering Management master's degree is valuable for design consultants because we work with more than just an engineering team. We are in constant communication with our utilities clients and equipment suppliers. You must be able to balance aspects of technical engineering design with functional project management.

“Every day I work with people from varied professional backgrounds. Having general knowledge of the work they do can make the project run much more efficiently. With that in mind, I would advise students to step outside their comfort zone and try a class in another discipline. For example, if you are an electrical engineer, take a course in mechanical engineering or industrial engineering.

“A Purdue engineer is someone who knows how to get the job done right. We are able to take on difficult tasks and work with others to accomplish our goals. We have a strong passion for what we do, which shows in the quality of our work.”

Tamara Mamon

Graduated May 2017

Current: Contech Engineered Solutions, Stormwater Consultant 

Previous: Contech Engineered Solutions, Sales Engineer Associate

“As a Sales Engineer Associate with Contech Engineered Solutions, I began my role with an intense, six-month training program at our headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. My training group, which consisted of all Purdue engineers, learned in-depth about our pipe, storm water, and structure products in order to prepare us for receiving our own territories. A typical week included construction site visits, plant visits, classroom training, meetings with engineering firms, and networking events.

“Beyond the academic component, the Engineering Management program introduced me to the basic fundamentals of being successful in business. As a Sales Engineer, networking, social skills, and professional behavior are of utmost importance when constantly interacting with customers. On a daily basis, I am able to implement the workplace skills (e.g. dining etiquette, communication, attire) I gained through our program’s professional development seminars.

“The sooner you can display your value to your company’s leaders, the greater potential you have for working your way into a managerial role. The accounting, marketing, and operations management courses you take in this program allow you to become well-versed in these critical areas that directly impact the financial bottom line of a business. The management courses challenge you to think in a different mindset beyond the typical engineering comfort zone of equations and numbers. This program breaks the introverted engineer stereotype and allows them to pursue a master’s degree outside of sitting behind a desk and writing a thesis.

“After earning both of my degrees at Purdue University, I bleed black and gold. From an industry standpoint, every engineering firm knows Purdue and knows they have a top-tier education. I try to make my alma mater proud every day by giving 110% in my career because that is the work ethic Purdue Engineering instilled in me. It takes more than going to class to survive as a Purdue engineer, but the dedication required and time invested to earn that diploma is more than worth it.”

David Tang

Graduated May 2017

Current: Microsoft, Program Manager

Previous: Ford Motor Company, Central Software Engineer

“My role at Ford Motor Company involves working with multiple teams throughout the company to develop needed software tools. Currently, I am working on a project that uses a gaming engine to generate a testing environment for vehicle features.

“An engineering master’s degree from Purdue is always valued by industry. Beyond that value, being able to choose courses from the engineering curriculum allowed me to develop technical skills tailored to what I wanted to do in my career. Taking the management classes helped me in networking and in communicating effectively with coworkers. Furthermore, the management classes could be very useful in the future for advancing my career into a managerial role.

“For students considering Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s degree, I would advise them to compare the list of engineering courses with their desired career direction. If the courses fit, then Purdue’s Engineering Management graduate program is a great choice. During the program, I would advise students to be proactive in talking with professors in the Krannert School of Management to learn more about that discipline. All my Krannert professors were very friendly and helpful.

“To me, being a Purdue engineer means feeling confident knowing I'm fully qualified for the jobs that I want. It also means being a part of a large network of Purdue engineers all over the world that I can connect with throughout my career.”

Xinwei "Alexis" Wang

Graduated August 2017

Current: VEO, Sr. Business Development

Previous: Vital Materials, Sales Engineer

“At Vital Materials, I am responsible for our advance material products with the ultimate goal of growing the company’s market in The United States. Vital Materials is a billion-dollar global company that leads in the Minor Metal and Advance Material markets. The company is headquartered in China and has sales divisions all around the world. When I began, I viewed my role simply as a sales person with some fundamental technical background and product perception. However, after just a brief period meeting with clients I have realized that my role is not limited to a sales force in the U.S. I can also function as an excellent interpreter between the teams to facilitate global communication, where my diversified background has made me standout.

“At our latest global sales meeting held in China, I was able to talk to my colleagues from different countries. In fact, I even had chance to directly present my work to our company President. Typically, this exposure to top leadership does not happen in many other big companies. When I consider all these great opportunities I have already experienced, I truly appreciate what Purdue’s Engineering Management program has brought me.

“I am a proud graduate from Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program. I’m so glad that I made my choice to join this big family. With years of engineering background, I’ve struggled to find a job that truly fits me in terms of my personality and work experience. Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program taught me how to integrate my sales potential and technical knowledge so that I can work like an engineer, but think like a business woman.

“I would suggest that students who are considering their graduate school options be calm and be smart. If you have a clear mind that your talent is beyond a strict engineering field, Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program would be the best place for you to dig out your potential and gain tons of opportunities to create a bright future.”