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From Vietnam refugee to international entrepreneur

Vu Lam left his home in Vietnam at age 11. Traveling alone, he boarded a fishing boat of refugees. Today, he leads an international software development firm that introduced IT outsourcing to the land he left behind.

Smartphone to become smarter with 'deep learning' innovation

Researchers are working to enable smartphones and other mobile devices to understand and identify objects in a camera's field of view, overlaying lines of text that describe items in the environment.

High-temperature plasmonics eyed for solar, computer innovation

New "plasmonic metamaterials" could radically improve solar cell performance and bring advanced data storage that uses heat to record information on a magnetic disk.

Improving health care system through engineering

As a mother of four, Benjavan "Den" Upatising knows the frustrations everyone encounters with health care. As a Purdue-trained industrial engineer, she also is uniquely positioned to improve the system.