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Ziaie to lead Purdue participation in $2 million NSF program

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Ziaie to lead Purdue participation in $2 million NSF program

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Babak Ziaie
Babak Ziaie
Babak Ziaie, professor of electrical and computer engineering, will lead Purdue's work for a National Science Foundation Emerging Frontiers in Research (EFRI) program titled, "EFRI-BioFLEX: Tissue Engineering Flexible Sensors, Actuators and Electronics for Chronic Wound Management." Purdue is collaborating with teams from Tufts and Harvard universities and MIT for the four-year, $2 million "smart" wound dressing program.

According to the NSF, the goal of this EFRI project is to revolutionize chronic wound treatment by developing a smart dressing platform. The smart dressing will consist of a flexible and conformable platform embedded with microelectronics and an array of physical, chemical, and biological modules capable of sensing (physical and chemical) and active intervention (biological, chemical, and physical) in the wound microenvironment. The new platform will be of particular benefit to the growing elderly population, returning war veterans exposed to serious burns, injured athletes, and diabetics with poor healing response. The technologies developed during this effort will also impact other applications where a close integration of electronics and targeted drug delivery with living tissue is necessary in order to achieve favorable therapeutic and rehabilitative outcomes.