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Spring 2012 - Engineering Impact

Remembering a pioneer in spaceflight
Purdue alumna Janice E. Voss, 55, a space shuttle astronaut and scientist who logged nearly 19 million miles circling Earth, died of breast cancer Feb. 6 at a hospital in Scottsdale, Ariz.
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One and done
The smallest transistor ever built—in fact, the smallest transistor that can be built—has been created using a single phosphorous atom by an international team that includes Purdue researchers.
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Purdue students develop app to help children with severe autism
Students in Purdue’s EPICS service-learning program have developed an application for Apple’s iPad that helps children with severe autism learn how to communicate.
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Purdue professor elected to National Academy of Engineering
The National Academy of Engineering has elected Supriyo Datta, the Thomas Duncan Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, into its society.
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