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You will find links and information regarding the technical specifications of your carts, race rules and regulations, as well as helpful guides and build information.

Currently Registered Teams

  Name Description Members
  Electric Vehicle Club 2 members View
  #27 Electric Vehicle Research Club The Electric Vehicle Research Club is a student run club at Purdue North Central with the goal of designing building and fielding an innovative racing kart to compete in the annual Purdue evGrandPrix. We currently have 7 members from mechanical and electrical engineering fields who work several days a week designing, building, programming and managing the kart. We anticipate a great race this year and can't wait to get to it! 7 members View
  Vincennes University We are a 8 member team from VIncennes University in Vincennes, Indiana. We are comprised of Precision Machining, Automotive Technology, Welding Technology and Electronic Technology majors. Our team is looking forward to our first experience in the Purdue EV GrandPrix. We wish all the other teams success in their preparations for the race. 8 members View
  Southern Polytechnic State University Electric Vehicle Team (SPSU EVT) We are the SPSU EVT from Marietta, Ga looking to compete in this years EVGrandPrix. We have 8 devoted members that are very enthusiastic for this event. This would be our first year taking part in this event. 8 members View
  #30 Cary Racing 11 members View
  Delta Chi 0 members View
  HKN Racing Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Beta Chapter GoKart team 7 members View
  Valpo SAE 0 members View
  IEEE Racing 42 6 members View
  Ivy Green Racing 0 members View
  i-Tech Electric 1 members View
  Team EPICS 5 members View
  Team Uno 0 members View
  BGSU 9 3 members View
  BGSU 19 4 members View
  Warwick Racing EVGP Team 7 members View
  #39 Delta Sigma Phi Racing 3 members View
  #8 Motorsports at Purdue 2 members View
  EVEI DMK #21 Purdue EPICS - Electrical Vehicle Event Infrastructure (EVEI 1) 4 members View
  PAPA-PEF Kart #12 6 members View
  NSCC evMotorsports Team 2 members View
  Pink Panthers #69 10 members View
  Killa-Amps No amps were harmed in the production of this team's go kart 0 members View
  Sooner Electric Racing 4 members View
  Club EV Club EV is a student run organization out of the Ivy Tech in Lafayette, Indiana. This is the third year running for the team. The team is comprised of mechanical and manufacturing engineers who are passionate about the future of automotive and electrical technology. Building the future of electric vehicles is the end goal for the team. Through education, research, and hard work the team hopes to meet and exceed that goal! 6 members View
  #68 Terra Thunder Motorsports Capstone design class single-semester project 14 members View
  EVEI Kart Monitoring Design Team for EPICS at Purdue. Implementing a Kart Monitoring system that will record different vitals of the kart during the race for research and in-race adjustments 4 members View
  Black and Gold One of the teams from the EVEI3 EPICS class. 4 members View
  Indiana Tech 0 members View
  PUC_ENGINEERS 11 members View
  Purduecal 7 members View
  EVC 2 1 members View
  EVC 3 1 members View
  Areolafa 0 members View

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