Get Involved With EPICS

Ways for Companies, Foundations, and Individuals to Be Involved With EPICS

EPICS was initiated as a two-way partnership between the university and the community. The EPICS Corporate/Foundation Partners Program expands this relationship to a three-way partnership of the university, the community, and industry.

Your involvement can be either in the form of leadership support (please see information below) and/or financial support both at the local program level as well as the national program level.

Possible forms of leadership support that you can provide include:

  • Guest Speaker: Share your thoughts and professional experiences with EPICS students by serving as a guest speaker during a lecture class.
  • Team Advisor: Advise an EPICS team at an EPICS site (if there is one near where you currently live)
  • Corporate EPICS Ambassador: There are many ways that you can network within your own company to advance the efforts of the EPICS Program. These include:
    • Resource Acquisition: Leverage resources from your employer to help sponsor an EPICS team.
    • Leadership Identification: Help to identify leaders in your organization who might also become future advocates for the EPICS Program.
  • Program Developer: Help to initiate an EPICS program at an educational institution; leverage your networking efforts and contacts to help draw resources together to get a new EPICS program started. For example, three former EPICS students were so motivated by their EPICS experience that they have initiated a high school-level EPICS program in Indiana. Anyone committed to the EPICS model could help to accomplish such a task.
  • Design Reviewer: Serve as a technical reviewer for EPICS teams.

For more information on how to become involved with EPICS, please contact the EPICS University Program Coordinator.