University of Notre Dame EPICS project

Members of the University of Notre Dame's Student Engineers Reaching Out, a program similiar to EPICS, redesigned and delivered a Little Tykes Hummer power car for a local boy with Cerebral Palsy.

Memorial Children's Therapy Center physical therapist, Elise Gettleman, needed to get one of her patients moving. She had a Little Tykes Motorized Hummer, but her patient, 2 year old Austin Rousselow, has Cerebral Palsy and could not turn the steering wheel or press the gas pedal.  Ms. Gettleman approached Notre Dame University looking for a solution and members of Student Engineers Reaching Out came through for both her and Austin. The student team re-engineered the mechanical and electrical systems of the Hummer so both steering and gas are controlled through one button that Austin can push himself.

The Hummer was delivered in April and Austin is on the move!


Picture courtesy of WNDU, South Bend Indiana