Welcome to the new EPICS High website! We are extremely excited about this new EPICS High School initiative here at Purdue, and looking forward to the opportunity to work with high school students and teachers across the nation.

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If you are a teacher at one of the high schools participating in the EPICS High School program, you can find information on the upcoming summer training sessions below. For schools new to the idea of EPCIS High and interested in learning more about how to participate in the program please check out the links on this page.  Also listed is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document that was completed and signed by each of the schools participating. In this document is listed the requirements and criteria for participating in the program to reference if needed.

What is EPICS?

"EPICS" stands for Engineering Projects in Community Service. In the program, teams of students with varying interests and strengths work on projects that solve engineering and technology-based problems with community service and education organizations. This partnership provides many benifits to the students and the community alike. For example, EPICS teams have developed projects ranging from homelessness prevention to environmental protection to creating learning devices for children with disabilities.

What Do EPICS Students Learn

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Community Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship

EPICS 101: The Time is Now

Since EPICS was established in 1995, thousands of undergraduates have participated in university programs nationally and internationally delivering projects to local communities effecting countless lives.  Since 2006 high school students have also been participating in EPICS completing innovative projects across the country.  The EPICS High program continues to grow and give more students this amazing experience of working to design solutions that meet real needs in their communities. 

EPICS High  integrates engineering design concepts with service-learning, and enables participants to develop valuable partnerships to address the educational needs of the students, and the technical needs of their communities.

Designed to engage and motivate high school students in the fields of engineering and computer sciences, this program offers much more by effectively teaching students the professional skills needed to succeed in today's workforce.

This innovative program is the learning model of tomorrow, engaging students in their communities and providing the service-learning prototype to be replicated throughout the nation and beyond.

Project Examples

Service-learning has been used by engineering students to serve society and the profession. Engineering projects are made stronger by working in teams with students of diverse strengths and interests. The following list of completed service-learning projects in engineering is intended to illustrate the ways in which service-learning can be used:

  • Provide equipment and teaching tools for K-12 teachers
  • Design structures to minimize housing costs for Habitat for Humanity
  • Design communications devises for people with disabilities
  • Design a multimedia center and animal habitats for local zoos
  • Develop computer controlled toys for children with disabilities
  • Create a site plan, report, and make recommendations for the optimal community landfill location
  • Reducing flow time of emergency room patients in a non-profit hospital
  • Design and implement a confidential database for non-profit agencies to coordinate services and track clients
  • Complete projects for their school community with software needs or working with special needs students

Meeting Academic Standards With EPICS

Many standards can be achieved through EPICS. A strength of the EPICS model is that it is a highly successful method of service-learning for students with varying academic interests. EPICS links engineering to these various academic experiences and achieves standards.

EPICS addresses critical areas in academic standards including standards in math, science, and language arts. EPICS is innovative in integrating technology and standards. Specific projects will achieve different standards, and all course participants will be required to do the following: effectively communicate; master good communication in order to both receive and disseminate information and understand others; problem-solve; utilize mathematical and logical skills; deliver multimedia presentations; learn and retain; complete design practices and understand design principals; understand the importance of effective planning; understand and use equations, formulas and graphs to meet project objectives; provide leadership; learn technical skills; use mathematical and scientific theories in practical applications; write in the form of journals and procedural summaries; gain a better understanding of the needs in their community; and work as a team member.

Other Resources

Summer Training Information

Becoming an EPICS High School is easy! Schools are asked to complete a Memorandum of Understanding with EPICS High for approval and are then highly encouraged to attend an EPICS High summer training to learn how to implement and maintain a program, and to connect with various resources available to them as an EPICS High school.  See the Summer Training page and the Memorandum of Understanding template for more information.

Memorandum of Understanding


Extended Contact List

This is a contact list of people you may wish to contact about EPICS.

Web Resources List

This list has additional web resources for engineering and service-learning.

Presentations List

 Here are some Presentations from the 2011 and 2012 Sumer Workshops.

Meeting Standards

 This is a list of ways to meet academics standards with EPICS.


Your participation in the EPICS High program requires that you use the  EPICS-HIGH Logo on all marketing and printed materials including press releases. Those who are Learn and Serve America grantees are also required to use the LSA logo on all marketing materials you produce. You many choose from the logos in the link above. If these do not work for you please let Pam Dexter know and we will work to find a format that works. You are not required to use the Purdue Universtiy logo, but an official logo has been provided if needed..

Contact Info:

Please enjoy this site and contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with each of you and watching the wonderful projects at work in your communities!

Mindy Hart
Purdue University
EPICS High School Program Coordinator
Ph. (765)496-1889