2014 EPICS High Summer Training-NOW OPEN!!!

Registration for the EPICS High Teacher Training, July 8-11, 2014, is now available.

EPICS High will be holding our 2014 teacher training July 8-11 at Purdue University.  Registration is open!!!  Please reserve your place on our registration page or email epics.high@purdue.edu, for more information. 

EPICS High Summer Training is an experience for high school teachers and administrators interested in helping their community through engineering and computing design projects.  Hands-on sessions help participants design ways to implement EPICS into their classroom in all disciplines.

EPICS training provides participants with the tools and resources to implement and grow this exciting design-based service-learing model for high school students.

Topics for the 2014 Summer workshop are being formed and will include sessions such as:

  • Service-Learning
  • EPICS High Curriculum Models
  • Human Centered Design
  • Tying EPICS Projects into Your Standards
  • Project Management
  • Teaming Skills

EPICS High training is a chance for teachers to learn new and creative ways to engage students all while developing a community of educators with common goals and unique outcomes for each individual classrrom.

Join us!  Enroll today!!