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Habitat for Humanity (HFH)

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  • Sponsors: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Description: The EPICS-HFH team works with both national and international levels of Habitat for Humanity: Lafayette, State of Indiana, and International Headquarters. Our current projects include a habitat home in Biotown USA (Reynolds, IN) that will lead the way in sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient practices and designing universal house plans for natural disaster relief efforts around the world.
  • Partners: Greater Lafayette Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, State of Indiana and International Headquarters of Habitat for Humanity.
  • Facts: Began in Fall 1996. Works with local and national programs.
  • Mission: Works with local, national and international levels of Habitat for Humanity. Projects include planning home design for disaster resilient housing around the world and developing sustainable housing.
  • Delivered: New design for house corners to minimize air leakage. Brochure for homeowners that describes how to compute the cost of using different types of light bulbs. Thermal imaging of Habitat homes to determine efficiency of Habitat construction techniques. Pressure door to detect areas of heat loss. Web-based home selection guide for prospective homeowners; analysis of projected annual utility costs for available floor plans, parametric studies on home options (led to the addition of central air conditioning for all homes in Lafayette). Solar powered attic fan for resale store.
  • Technologies Wireless applications, construction, and energy efficiency.
  • Disciplines: Civil CS ECE Education EEE IE MSE ME MDE HHS Management Polytech Science
  • Impact: Lower cost houses and lower home operating expenses for the working poor.
  • Area: Human Services
  • Spring 2022 Division: 24
  • Spring 2022 Schedule: Thursdays 1:30 - 3:20 pm