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Ecuador (ECUADOR)

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  • Sponsors: Bechtel
  • Description: Team Ecuador is a division of Purdue's Engineering Projects in Community Service Program (EPICS). This team of multidisciplinary students focuses on the development of educational infrastructure and resources within Lumbisi, a small community outside of Quito, Ecuador. The team has worked alongside our project partner, Fundacin para la Educacin y el Voluntariado Internacional (FEVI), for 4 years. Together we have worked to address the educational needs of Lumbisi by building various equipment and accessibility structures as requested by the community. FEVI, currently runs a preschool in Lumbisi called Muequitos. Muequitos was built by FEVI in 2007 to fulfill the need for a better education system in the community of Lumbisi. FEVI currently runs the school, and with their efforts the education in Lumbisi has improved significantly. However, Muequitos is now overcrowded and is unable to accommodate the number of young children within the community. This means that many families must send their children into surrounding cities or deny them early childhood education. To allow the continued growth of education in the community, and not just amongst young people, Team Ecuador has been hard at work designing an education and community center to suit the needs of Lumbisi. The center is two floors with an open balcony. It will provide space for teaching, cooking, and gathering for the community members and children. Its features include: The first community library in Lumbisi, Will allow free access to computers for the people of Lumbisi, Contain books in Spanish and English, Three classrooms to accommodate up to 100 students, Themed as requested by the children of Muequitos, Handicap accessible ramp to second story, An open kitchen to allow staff to prepare food for the children and teach cooking lessons, Available for use by the community members as needed Community room for meals and local gatherings, Conference room, Four bathrooms, Open air balcony. As we move forward the team is already beginning to discuss future projects with our partners. We have started a new sub-team and the process has already taken shape to bring more projects to small villages in central Ecuador, primarily focused on infrastructure to improve the environment, water resources or educational resources.
  • Partners: FEVI (Foundation for Educational Volunteering International), is a non for profit in Ecuador that supports education and health of children in small indigenous communities. FEVI currently runs a preschool in Lumbisi called Muequitos as well as numerous other schools across Ecuador. Muequitos was built by FEVI in 2007 to fulfill the need for a better education system in the community of Lumbisi.
  • Mission: The core purpose of EPICS Team Ecuador is to give our time and technical abilities to design and deliver beneficial projects to an array of communities across Ecuador, while building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our project partners.
  • Delivered: Munequitos Bleachers - A large bleacher set that provided seating for outdoor performances and sporting events on the Munequitos pre-school campus (same location as future Education Center). Munequitos Handicap Ramp - With the addition of new students needing wheelchair access Team Ecuador constructed and designed a ramp for the small school. Munequitos Bleacher Cover - The team constructed a covering for the bleachers and performances so that during the rainy season there was still useful outdoor space.
  • Technologies - Autocad - Revit - COGO Carlson - Sketchup - Bluebeam - Microsoft project - construction scheduling
  • Disciplines: Agriculture AAE ABE BME ChemE Civil CS ECE Education EEE IE MSE ME MDE HHS LibArts Management Polytech Science A&D
  • Area: Environmental
  • Fall 2017 Division: 50
  • Fall 2017 Schedule: Tuesday 8:30 - 10:20am