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Camp Riley (CR)

  • Website:
  • Contact Information:
  • Sponsors: Charles and Anna Mae Miller, Charles and Anne Mae Miller
  • Partners: Camp Riley is our biggest stakeholder. Its program is focused on allowing the children with physical disabilities to realize their potential as they partake in several confidence-building adventures, such as horseback riding, swimming, zip-lining, and more. Camp Riley is hosted by Bradford Woods, our project partner. Bradford Woods seeks to promote teaching, service, and programs while promoting developmental roles for youth and adults. Our main contact person through Bradford Woods and Camp Riley is Tim Street. Other partners we have include Champ Camp, who is currently helping Camp Riley fundraise for a tree house that will potentially be built in the up-and-coming future, and Agape, which works with Camp Riley to make specialized horse saddles for the sensory trail that you will hear more about later
  • Mission: The core purpose of EPICS Team Camp Riley is to use our time and technical abilities to design and deliver beneficial projects to a wide range of campers who have the common goal of taking on adventures without any physical constraints.
  • Delivered: Sensory Trail: As campers ride on horseback through a trail, they encounter several stations appealing to four main senses: sight, smell, sound, and touch the Camp Riley team designed and built. Historic House: Camp Riley team designed and constructed and ADA-complaint ramp/path from the road to the entrance of the historic home in Bradford Woods.
  • Technologies Arduino CAD
  • Disciplines: Agriculture AAE ABE BME ChemE Civil CS ECE Education EEE IE MSE ME MDE Nuclear HHS LibArts Management Pharm Polytech Science VetMed A&D
  • Area: Human Services
  • Fall 2021 Division: 04
  • Fall 2021 Schedule: Tuesdays 10:30a - 12:20pm