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Water Resources Management (WRM)

  • Contact Information:
  • Description: Water Resource Management is focused on environmental projects that have specific applications for water. Environmental projects in WRM tie into natural resource management, with specific applications to how management of other natural resource management can affect the environment, and thusly, water use within communities. Projects in WRM are environmentally based, often tied to societal factors relating to the environment and/or ecosystem designs. Projects can either be indirectly related to water (like a hill-slope erosion park project that contributes sediment to the ecosystem/river) or directly related (like how hydroponic growing of vegetables can help solve food issues within the United States).
  • Partners: Happy Hollow Park Project- West Lafayette Parks and Recreation (Dan Dunten): The West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department has tasked WRM to help develop an erosion mitigation plans for hills within the park, many of which are experiencing severe erosion due to natural causes and anthropomorphic stress. By helping mitigate erosion and re-establishing vegetation on the hillslope, less soil should enter the stream that cuts through Happy Hollow Park, which deposits Hydroponics- Imagination Station (Jazmin Berlanga Medina): Imagination Station has tasked WRM to help develop educational and interactive displays to accompany a poster that will be placed at Imagination Station, a museum that emphasizes science and technology here in West Lafayette.
  • Mission: To use innovation to optimize water use throughout the communities we work with
  • Technologies CAD, ArcGIS, Microsoft Project, Surveying,
  • Disciplines: Agriculture ABE ChemE Civil EEE MDE Management Science
  • Impact: Environmental
  • Area: Environmental
  • Spring 2022 Division: 30
  • Spring 2022 Schedule: Thursdays 8:30 - 10:20 am