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Imagination Station (IS)

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  • Sponsors: Boeing
  • Description: Applying new and innovative technologies, our team designs interactive and fun exhibits for children's museums. Active projects include; the Mars rover, a sensor network, and the wind tunnel. Individuals on our team come from a diverse background of majors and allow us to not only stimulate children's interest but to educate them in a number of different fields as well. Our projects grant great exposure to digital design opportunities as well as manufacturing.
  • Partners: Imagination Station - Children's Museum
  • Facts: Began in Fall 1997 with Imagination Station and Burtsfield Elementary School as partners; split into two teams in Fall 1998. The two teams, Imagination Station - Black and Imagination Station - Gold, were combined in Spring 2009.
  • Mission: Design and build children's museum style exhibits that educate and inspire children in science, technological, and engineering studies.
  • Delivered: History of the PC exhibit; bicycle-driven generator with ergometer to demonstrate principles of gears. Interactive Well-Head protection display showing the progressing of pollutants using LEDs. Magnetism exhibit, Interactive Magnetic Tower which illustrates electromagnetism by levitating a permanent magnet with an electromagnet, Interactive Magnetic racer illustrating electromagnetism by propelling cars down two tracks using electromagnets (upgraded version delivered April 2003), interactive wind tunnel illustrating lift and drag.
  • Technologies Electronics, mechanics, electricity and magnets, computers, and human-computer interfaces.
  • Disciplines: Agriculture AAE ABE BME ChemE Civil CS ECE Education EEE IE MSE ME MDE Nuclear HHS LibArts Management Pharm Polytech Science Art
  • Impact: Improved science and engineering educational resources for the community
  • Area: Education and Outreach
  • Spring 2022 Division: 17
  • Spring 2022 Schedule: Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:20 pm