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Team Documents

Assistive Technology (AT)

Development of new technologies to assist persons with disabilities.

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Working with the School of Biomedical Engineering on various projects, such as, ultra sound monitoring for rhinos, prosthetic devices, and museum exhibits.

Camp Riley (CR)

This team will be designing assistive devices for the campers at Camp Riley located at Bradford Woods.
Sponsors: Charles and Anna Mae Miller

Childcare Design Solutions (CDS)

Working with a local United Way childcare agency to develop educational and innovative devices for children.

Children's Educational Demonstrations (CED)

Our mission is to design and create interactive models that bring science to life for children visiting the Indianapolis Children's Museum

Columbian Park Zoo (ZOO)

Design educational materials to be used by the Columbian Park Zoo.

Conservation (CONSERVATION)

Partnered with NICHES Land Trust to design solutions to protect, restore, and sustain Indiana's ecosystems and offering education, appreciation and enjoyment for current and future generations.

Contract Engineering and Management (CEM)

Working in design projects in collaboration with the Division of Construction Engineering and Management at Purdue.

Creating Accessible Racing (CAR)

Design and build a two person vehicles such as those used at the Challenger Division of the Soap Box Derby to accommodate a driver and a child with special needs.
Sponsors: General Motors, Wabash National

Database and Innovative Software for the Community (DISC)

Create data base applications and innovative solutions to help not for profit, educational and service agencies.

Deaf Kids Code (DKC)

This team will develop an instructional computing website that uses ASL and interactive videos to teach deaf students how to code.

Designing for Playing and Learning (PLAY)

A team initiated in the Fall 2021 semester partnering with Kids Play Gym and similar entities with the vision of making play inclusive, adapting games for children with different abilities, and upcycling items to spark imagination and creativity, so kids can develop and learn via games.

Electric Vehicle Event Infrastructure (EVEI )

This course is a project-based design course to develop the core infrastructure required to establish the Purdue Electric Vehicle Kart event.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

The EWB team is part of the national EWB organization, whose mission is to build a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world's most pressing challenges. The EWB is currently working on
Sponsors: Engineers Without Borders

Environmental Justice, Access, and Education (EJAE)

This team will partner with nonprofits working in underserved communities to address needs related to environment and education.

Global Active Problem Solving (GAPS)

Developing alternative energy solutions to provide power to remote villages in rural areas. GAPS is currently working with partners in Brazil and Haiti with a focus on solar energy.

Global Air Quality Trekkers (GAQT)

The Global Air Quality Trekkers (GAQT) team is a part of Purdue’s Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program and Innovation for International Development (I2D) Lab. GAQT is an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate engineering, science, and environmental health students.

Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS)

Develop technological solutions which enable students with disabilities aged 3-21 to function more independently and enjoy a better quality of life.

Habitat for Humanity (HFH)

The EPICS-HFH team works with both national and international levels of Habitat for Humanity: Lafayette, State of Indiana, and International Headquarters.
Sponsors: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Harnessing Data Revolution (HDR)

This team will be focusing on building capacity for harnessing the data revolution at the local, state, and national levels to help unleash the power of date in the service of science and society.

Imagination Station (IS)

Design and build children's museum style exhibits that educate and inspire children in science, technological, and engineering studies.
Sponsors: Boeing

India (India)

The INDIA team collaborates with EPICS university teams in India to address problems in communities there. The team currently works with students from VIT Vellore and the community partners are farmers in the Javadi Hills in Tamil Nadu.

Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ISBVI)

Students in this project-based design course will solve a real-world problem by developing iOS apps, mechanical tools, and associated interfaces for teaching mathematical concepts to blind and visually impaired students.

Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD)

Design projects to help the patients at the M. D. Steer Audiology Clinic (adaptive hearing device, sound level meters, or the clinicians) or support teaching of students.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum (Speedway)

Design projects, interactive exhibits, and displays for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum that will relate STE to auto racing.

Information Management Systems for EPICS Teams (IMS)

This team is currently working on a portal that will connect the people of Purdue to the community via the web. It will serve as a means through which the community will be better able to connect with the resources of Purdue and all of the valuable clubs and service learning opportunities available

Innovations in Industrial Engineering (IIIE)

This team will work with multiple partners addressing their needs in an evolving Industrial Engineering profession.

Lakota (LAKOTA)

Purdue and South Dakota School of Mines team up to work with the Technology and Oglala Lakota College on Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

Medical Design Projects (MED)

Designing technology to support medical professionals in a clinical setting and medical education in the community.

Mobility (MOBI)

Development of technology to assist in human mobility.

MSE Bronze (MSE_Bronze)

Working with the cities of W Lafayette and Lafayette to develop new ways to make historical marks.


Partnering with Grants House to create accessibility solutions for individuals with disabilities in Greater Lafayette.

Natural Disaster Preparedness (NDP)

Projects to address common challenges faced after natural disasters.
Sponsors: IEEE Sight, EPICS in IEEE

Neighborhood Sustainability (NS)

This team will partner with City of Lafayette to develop strategies to enhance neighborhood sustainability, especially for homes and neighborhoods for people with lower incomes.
Sponsors: ZF

Pets in Action With Shelters (PAWS)

This team will be working with the area shelters to assist in the adoption of animals by using technology.

Pharmacy (PHARM)

This team will work on design and production of various projects to aid the Purdue University Pharmacy.

Scan (SCAN)

Design of tracking systems, such as tracking bicycle and pedestrian traffic using RFID technology.

Urban Farm (UF)

Increasing the availability of fresh produce in an urban food desert by developing rooftop gardens with Peace Farms in Gary, Indiana
Sponsors: Legacy Foundation of Lake County

Wabash Center (WC)

The WC team designs and develops devices that enable new tasks or enhance the productivity, safety, and efficiency of WC employees, many of whom have disabilities.
Sponsors: Caterpillar

Water Resources Management (WRM)

Water Resource Management is a team focused on environmental projects with specific applications for water. WRM uses a multidisciplinary approach to manage environmental projects that ties into local communities through natural resource management.

WIEP Outreach (WIEP)

Partner with Women in Engineering Program to provide educational outreach for elementary and middle school students that focuses on engineering.

Wolf Park (WOLF)

Working at Wolf Park to design a fox enclosure and develop educational displays for their education center.