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Webmaster Details


The webmaster is responsible for updating and maintaining the team’s website. The website contains the information on all the projects that are being undertaken by the team as well as information on all of the team members. Documentation for the projects needs to be posted as well as pictures of each team member.

Knowledge and Skills

A person who fulfills the duties of the webmaster will:

  • Be able to create basic webpages incorporating images and links to files and other webpages
  • Have a basic understanding of EPICS practices, policies, and operation
  • Recognize appropriate material for posting to the team website


A person who takes on the role of webmaster is responsible for:

  • Attending the webmaster skill session at the beginning of the semester
    • Will be announced in weekly emails
    • Can sign up for scheduled skill sessions in myEPICS
  • Updating the team website with pictures of all members of the team
  • Updating the projects section of the website to reflect the current state of the projects
  • Posting all necessary documents that need to be on the website
  • Updating the website with required materials in a timely manner

Performance Criteria

There are 2 basic performance criteria for the Webmaster:

  • Website presents the team and the projects in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Website is usable by the team, project partner, and other stakeholders