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Purchasing Guidelines

Credit Card Checkout

Credit cards can be checked out when purchasing items from a local vendor (we need to minimize time credit card is checked out so it will be available to more students). If you would like to order an item online see below.

Note: We (the EPICS staff) are responsible for the students’ actions and are also responsible to work with the business office to deal with all of the consequences of poor decisions from the purchaser. We could lose the privilege of having credit cards for all of the teams if we do not follow the rules. This is your opportunity to act responsibility and make EPICS shine.

Purchase Request Forms

  • Click on the link on the EPICS/Purdue site (  This will open a Docusign form for you to fill in,  when completed  a purchase request will be submitted automatically.
  • All Purchase Request Forms must be authorized by the advisor for your project. This will automatically be done if you have put the advisor's or TA's email in the electronic form.  If your request is from a website, include a printed copy from the website which includes the item information and a picture of the item.
  • If this purchase is for a local vendor and you wish to pick up the credit card from our office that should be indicated in the purchase method portion of the form.
  • If you know this purchase will be from a grant account please note that on the electronic form.
  • Overseas vendors are strongly discouraged as shipping fees can be extremely costly to your team.
  • After the form is filled out completely it will automatically be submitted for approval.  You will receive an electronic notice as the steps are completed.
  • The EPICS office will contact you via email when the item has arrived or if there are any problems with the order.
  • A separate form must be submitted for EACH vendor. (This is a Purdue requirement, not EPICS).
  • Please address any questions to the staff in ARMS 1200.

Local Vendor Purchases

  • Check out the credit card in ARMS 1200 when ready to go to the vendor - Please return the card PROMPTLY with the receipt to ARMS 1200.
  • Credit card MUST be used between 8am & 5pm weekdays only, unless special permission has been given.
  • Must have a separate order form for EACH vendor.
  • Purdue is tax exempt and tax should not be paid - if tax is charged, the individual will be required to go back and have it removed (tax exemption number is on the front of the credit card).

Online orders

  • All online orders are to be done in our office by trained office staff; students are not allowed to use EPICS credit cards to make online purchases.

Reimbursement Requests

You will not be reimbursed for items that you purchase on your own. Use one of the above procedures instead of requesting reimbursement.