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Communication Officer (Formerly Webmaster)

The communication officer has three main responsibilities: creating and maintaining the team's website, posting regularly on the team's twitter account, and leading team efforts at recruitment. 

Website Maintenance

The team is responsible for updating and maintaining a website. The website contains the information on all the projects that are being undertaken by the team, the team's partners and sponsors, as well as information on all of the team members. Documentation for the projects needs to be posted as well as pictures of each team member.

Have you been asked to be your team's communication officer, but don't have much experience creating webpages? No problem. A webmaster skill session, hosted toward the beginning of each semester, will teach you the basics needed to update your team's site.


Twitter Outreach

One excellent way to keep the public up to date with current information is by using a twitter feed. The twitter feed can be posted to the team's website, keeping the site up to date on all of the projects. Each communication officer should post weekly throughout the semester. Posts should focus on the team and community partner and avoid personal content. 


Team-Driven Recruiting

Nobody knows the disciplinary needs of the team better than the current members of the team. Consider, does your team need more help with electronics, structural analysis, education, or anthropology? Students from all over campus can participate in EPICS, and generating posters with a 'job description' that encourages those specific students to join your project will help ensure that you have the right mix of skills to move the project forward the following semester. Each communication officer is required to generate a job description poster and submit it to EPICS for approval before posting.


Webmaster Resources

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