Senior Design Final Product Demo

Design Reviews:

Each senior design student is required to present in the Design Reviews. This is a formal presentation done with your team in front of design reviewers. More information regarding design reviews can be found here: Design Review.


In addition, each senior design student must setup an informal meeting with their Advisor and TA to do a final product demo. This demo will be different depending on the project, but the premise is to clearly demonstrate the full functionality of your senior design project and answer any questions your Advisor and TA may have. Discussion on what works, what does not, and what are the future steps for the project are recommended. 

Senior design students should be ready to justify design decisions and discuss any technical aspect of the project or its performance. Quantitative results are expected where applicable. Credit will not be given for features which cannot be demonstrated. For any portion of the project which does not function as specified, students should have hypotheses and supporting evidence of what is causing the problem.

Students should demonstrate and advisors should look for the following:

  • Completion: the project is entirely completed
  • Thoroughness: care and attention to details are evident in construction and layout
  • Performance: performance is completely verified and operation is reliable
  • Understanding: each senior design student demonstrated understanding of his/her technical work and each member contributed significantly.

Note: If appropriate, the advisor may invite external reviewers (EPICS Administrators and/or faculty who match the discipline of the student) to review the senior design project.