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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Asem Aboelzahab
Laboratory And Assessment Coordinator
Dulcy Abraham
Professor Civil Engineering
(765) 494-2239
Jeffrey Anderson
Director of Development
(765) 494-0023
Andres Arrieta Diaz
Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Engr


David Bahr
Head And Professor Materials Engineering
(765) 494-4100
Susan Bayley
Assistant Director
Brandon E Boor
Assistant Professor Of Civil Engineeri
David Boston
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Laura Bowling
Co-Dir And Coordinator Of Nres/Prof Agry
(765) 494-8051
Andrew Brightman
Asst Head Bme/Assc Prof Engr Practice
(765) 496-3537
Pamela Brown
Administrative Assistant
(765) 494-0639


Keith Cherkauer
Associate Professor Ag And Bio Engr
(765) 496-7982
Subramanian Chidambaram
Graduate Research Assistant
Jeehyun Choe
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Image / Video Processing, Computer Vision
Neha Choudhary
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Electrical Circuit Design
Dahjung Chung
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Edward Delp
Chas William Harrison Dist Prof Ece
(765) 494-1740


Bernard Engel
Dept Head/Professor Ag And Bio Engr
(765) 494-1162


Brandon Fulk
Internship Director
(765) 494-2242


Seyedali Ghahari
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Allison Godwin
Assistant Professor Of Engr Education
Jeffery Gray
Associate Professor Elect And Computr En
(765) 494-3390
Computer modeling of semiconductor devices
Semiconductors physics
Solar Cells


Damji Heo
Graduate Research Assistant
Eric Holloway
Senior Director, Industry Research
Andrew Huang
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Andrew Huang
Graduate Research Assistant


Leah Jamieson
Ransburg Distprof/Edwardson Dean Emeri
(765) 494-3653


Susan Khalifah
Civil Engr Student Experience Director


Hyowon Lee
Assistant Professor Of Biomedical Engr
Soonam Lee
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Bret Madsen
Associate Administrative/Professional
(765) 404-7625
Kaushik Manchella
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Michael Mashtare
Asst Prof Of Agry And Envir Ecol Engr


Jerome Nash
Bilsland Dissertation - Grouped
Eric Nauman
Dir Of Coe Honors Prgm/Opp/Prof Me And B


William Oakes
150Th Professor/Dir Epics/Professor En
(765) 494-3892
Gas Turbine Propulsion
Mechanical Design
Heat Transfer
Educational Methods


Andrew Pierce
Academic Administrator
Timothy Pritchett
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Jeffrey Richardson
Assistant Professor Of Practice
(765) 494-7499
Constantine Roros
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Aditya Sai
Graduate Teaching Assistant
(765) 494-2871
Claire Sigworth
Student Service - Web Development
Timothy Strueh
Continuing Lecturer
(765) 496-2113
Product Engineering Supervisor at TRW Automotive
Shruthi Suresh
Graduate Admin/Prof - Surf


Kevin Trumble
Professor Materials Engineering
(765) 494-4114


Eric Vandevoorde
Dir Of Prof Eng Master'S Progs


Kelsey Welch
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Kathleen Wible
Continuing Lecturer
Charese Williams
High School Program Coordinator
Edward Winslow
Limited Term Lecturer


Qi Yang
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Peyman Yousefi Bahambari
Graduate Research Assistant- 18 Agrono


Hamid Zamenian
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Laura Zanotti
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Carla Zoltowski
Asst Prof Of Engr Practice Of Ece
(765) 494-3559
Microprocessor Systems
Digital Logic Design
Design Learning
Access & Abilities issues