Grading Summary

Your work in EPICS will be assessed based on the following five evaluation criteria:

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Process
  3. Reflective/Critical Thinking
  4. Teamwork/Leadership
  5. Communication

More detailed information on what is required for each criteria can be found in the Grading Guidelines.

Your work will be considered at both the Project and Individual level.  The following artifacts will be used for assessment at the different levels.

  1. Project
    1. Project Artifacts (prototypes, demos, completed projects, etc)
    2. Design Documentation
    3. Design Review Presentations
    4. Project Partner Communications (presentations, meetings, memos, feedback, etc)
    5. Project Evaluation Rubric: provides summary and self-evalutaion of project plan and accomplishments
  2. Individual
    1. Notebook, blog, other posted work
    2. Final Reflection
    3. Peer Evaluation/Feedback: both your evaluation to others and others evaluation of you
    4. Participation (lab, project team, and lecture)
    5. Individual Evaluation Rubric : provides summary and self-evaluation of work completed and planned

The Milestones Schedule provides an overview of the semester deliverables. See myEPICS for a list of these assignments and their due dates.