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For Current EPICS K-12 Students and Teachers

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Welcome to the EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) site! The program has been in existence at Purdue University since 1995 in Purdue's College of Engineering. Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, IN. and is the home of the Boilermakers. Purdue is known throughout the nation as one of the top Engineering schools.

How the EPICS K-12 Program began

The EPICS High School program began as an outreach of the University program in 2006, with two schools in southern Indiana. Since that time, EPICS K-12 Community has grown to include not only High Schools and Middle Schools from through out the country but also has been instituted in informal afterschool education setting such as the Boys and Girls Club. The program includes students in 16 states and the District of Columbia with over 100 schools participating and we continue to add more schools daily.

EPICS is a Partnership

EPICS is a mix of partnerships working together to produce quality, design-based projects that help local community agencies make a difference in people's lives. It all starts with YOU, the student. EPICS is not only hoping to attract science and math students, but students with various academic interests. It takes all personalities and strengths to make EPICS teams successful in completing meaningful projects for their communities. I guarantee you will see engineering in a whole new light through EPICS! It will show you how engineering and design make a real difference in the world and helps people all around you everyday.

How to join the EPICS Network of Learning Communities

If you decide to join your school's EPICS program, The EPICS curriculum is designed to be collaborative, with students working on teams.. It could be the entire group, or the group could be broken into smaller teams, depending on numbers of students interested, projects, partners, etc. Through the Project Identification Phase your students project partner. This is the community agency/organization that you will be working on a project for. Projects vary in EPICS, from learning tools for kids with disabilities to energy saving devices that help in the conservation of energy to computer programs set up for an agency to better track their clients. Like I said before...something for everyone! Team members will take on roles. You could be a team leader, or a web master, or the liaison for your group with the project partner. These is only a few of the roles. The next partnership is with the corporate world. Your team will have a corporate mentor. Someone with a local company with expertise in design will mentor your team and teach you the skills you may need to actually build or complete your project.

EPICS has been designed to give students hands-on, real-world experience working with an organization to complete a project that is put into real use in their community. It's a terrific community service experience for students. The experience you gain from EPICS can make a big difference as you decide on where and what you want to do with you life following high school.


Here are some quotes from some past students at the university and high school levels.

"EPICS has been a great experience in my education. It gave me the ability to get out of the classroom and work with other students to apply what I had learned to real engineering problems."
—Bradley Gold
BSME 2002, MSME 2004
"EPICS projects are long-term and require more than one person to complete. This makes EPICS projects more like real world. The project I work on today at Intel Corp. spans several years with hundreds of engineers working together. EPICS gave me a forum to develop the skills to succeed in a project-based environment."
—Moyosola Ajaja
BSCEE 1997
Software Engineer,
Intel Corp
"EPICS has been a great asset to Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette. As the new Indiana state director of Habitat, I hope I can facilitate more partnerships with EPICS across the state."
—Doug Taylor
Habitat for Humanity
"EPICS confused me. I wasn't thinking of engineering at all but wanted to do the project. After I got into it I found electrical engineering fun. Now I am considering engineering and less sure what I want to major in as an undergraduate"
—Female participant at Bedford North Lawrence High School wanting to major in pre-med