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EPICS Partner Organizations

EPICS is proud to partner with quality like minded organizations and institutions that share our values. These programs promote Service-Learning and Human-Centered Design in Engineering with teachers and students within their communities to improve lives.


EPICS is partnering with Lemelson-MIT to provide additional lesson plans and resources to the Invent teams. We also want to encourage our EPICS teams to apply for the Invent Team Grants which would fund projects to improve the lives of members of the community.

Applications are now open for the Lemeson-MIT Invent grants. Click Here for more information.

   EPICS High at Arizona State University works to serve the students and communities in the Phoenix-Tucson area. If you are wanting to learn more about EPICS in this area, please click on the link to learn more about our sister site.


       The University of Arizona and their Engineering 102 class is partnering with EPICS to improve the lives of community members. Please click on the site to learn more about the Engineering 102 class and initiative.