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Spring 2015

Week 14 - 04/19 00:00:00 GMT+0/2015 to 04/26 00:00:00 GMT+0/2015

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EPICS Spring 2015 Week 14 Announcements (April 20 – 24, 2015)

  1. Deadline extended to Monday, 4/20 at 10 am: Please complete the Team Culture Survey (?SID=SV_3lw8JsOy2sQNCBf) if you haven’t already done so. It takes 20 minutes or less to complete. Names of those who haven’t completed it by the deadline will be sent to advisors/TAs.

  2. Good luck in Design Reviews this week!

    a. See last week’s email (Week 13) for more information about design reviews: index_html

    b. Reminder: Send the link or URL of your design documentation to ECN (epicsite@ecn.purdue.edu) ASAP if you haven’t done so already so it can be posted for the reviewers.

    c. Schedule of design reviewers assigned by EPICS: REVIEWERS_Schedule.pdf (Note: the schedule often changes during the week. We will try to keep it as up to date as possible, but sometimes we only learn that someone cannot attend that morning.)

    d. Want to be a reviewer for another team and earn lecture/skill session credits? See skill sessions below.

  3. No lecture this week to prepare for design reviews.

  4. Due Week 15 (April 27 – May 1, 2015):

Same as Week 8:
    a. Individual Evaluation Rubric
    b. Individual Documentation
    c. Peer Evaluations (in myEPICS)
    d. Design Leads: Project Evaluation Rubric

In addition for Week 15:
    e. Purdue Course Evaluation (available approximately 4/20 – 5/3): You can provide proof of completion of the course evaluations by printing/copying the “Completed evaluations” page under "Evaluations," showing that you completed them. (courseeval ).
    f. Final Reflection: Final_Reflection.docx
    g. Final updates to Design Documentation with feedback from Design Review, final work completed, and transition information

  5. Before you leave for the semester, please make sure all of your projects in the lab are put away or stored appropriately and very clearly labeled with team and semester (sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between trash and treasure!). If you haven’t already done so, please clean out your lockers, return EPICS tools and supplies to the tool box/shelves, red tag and/or get rid of parts and materials you are no longer using, and throw away any food in your bin!

  6. Upcoming Skill Sessions: Register in myEPICS. Please unregister at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend.

    a. Student Design Reviewer
       i. Scheduled for April 20 - April 24 at various times in Armstrong 1098
       ii. Duration: 120 min. Credits: 1
       iii. Sponsor: Manaz Taleyarkhan (manaz@purdue.edu)
       iv. Presenters: EPICS teams
       v. Description: During Design Review Week, students have the opportunity to review other team's presentations for a skill session credit.
  1. Register in the calendar link below, and fill out the green Student Reviewer form located in the main EPICS office. We appreciate you signing up in both the MyEPICS skill session (so you can get credit) and the calendar link (so the teams know to expect you.) Please turn in the green student reviewer form to the TA after the presentation.
  2. Calendar link: index_event
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