Team and Individual Guidelines

On this page you will be able to find all of the guidelines, templates, and examples for all the reports, presentations and other documentation required for teams and individuals throughout the semester.  The page is broken down into the following two main sections:

If you can't find what you need, additional forms and guidelines can be found here.

Reports, Presentations, and Guidelines for Teams

Design Documentation: This document that details the design of your project.  It describes the problem you are solving and how you are constructing your solution.  It also includes the overall timeline for the project as well as the semester plan.

Project Partner Communication: This section provides guidelines for each of the different organized events at which you will be communicating with the project partner.

Project Approval Checklist:  This is recommended for all projects and required for projects beginning in Fall 2012 or later.

Design Review:  Presentation to reviewers external to the team to provide feedback on the design and the process.

Project Evaluation Rubric:

Delivery Process and Review: There is a very specific EPICS delivery process, with a checklist, described here.   Presentation to reviewers external to the team is done around the time of delivery, to provide feedback on whether the project really is ready for delivery into the community.

Team Sharepoint: Team's internal document development and communication site.  All project documentation should be developed and stored here.  Teams can also create wikis, calendars, discussion groups and task lists to help manage the design.

  • Guidelines
  • Examples - from the EPICS Homepage, go to SharePoint, then Team Sites.   You will see all the other EPICS teams listed, and can explore how they laid out their documents in directories, etc.

Team Website: Team's external web presence.  This should include current team members, current projects and their status, as well as delivered projects.

  • Guidelines
  • Grading
  • Webmaster Skill Session Powerpoint
  • Examples - From the EPICS Home Page, go to Teams&Projects.  Clicking on each one shows some basics about that team.  Almost all have an additional Website link listed at the top, to the website that the team has created.

Reports, Presentations, and Guidelines for Individuals

Transition ChecklistTo help new team members learn from existing team members, starting in Week 1!

Individual Documentation: Documentation required to be maintained by each student.  Will contain personal work, reflections, and accomplishments.

Individual Evaluation Rubric: Form completed and submitted periodically during semester to outline your accomplishments for the semester.

Reflections: Various reflective activities to help you think about your work in EPICS.

Team Roles (Positions): To learn about the special responsibilities and activities of the team roles (e.g., team leader)

Senior Design: Information for Senior Design students.


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