Week 4 Prototype Demo and/or Semester Plan Presentation guidelines

During week four, teams will meet with their Project Partners again––at Armstrong or at the PP's site, depending on which is the more convenient location––and present a demonstration of their most current prototypes. Teams will also present their semester plan and explain what goals they have and what steps they plan to take in order to achieve those goals.   

For new projects, teams should prepare a prototype, even a rudimentary one if needed, for demonstration. The goal of this demonstration will be to elicit feedback from the project parter that will guide the development of the project (and the semester plan) for the rest of the semester. 

For ongoing projects, teams should plan to demonstrate the project in its current form. If the project is still in its early stages and not intended to be delivered this semester, it can be presented as a prototype similar to a new project, as one intended to demonstrate the direction the team is taking in the design and to elicit useful feedback for future development. If the project is intended to be delivered this semester, it should be demonstrated as such and team members should elicit feedback for how to go about finishing the project and preparing it for delivery. 

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