Administrative Forms and Guidelines

This page contains those forms related to administrative activities as well as other commonly used forms.  For forms and guidelines related to team and individual work, go here.

Purchasing: Guidelines and forms for creating team budgets and making purchases.

Lecture Attendance: Forms related to receiving lecture credit.

Lab Access and Use Forms: Forms and guidelines for accessing both the EPICS lab facilities as well as other resources (i.e. A & F Lab)

Checkout Forms: Forms for checking out resources from EPICS.

EPICS Applications: Applications for various positions and scholarships within EPICS.

Award Forms: Forms to be filled out by students receiving awards at the end of the semester.

Human Subjects Research: Teams wishing to conduct reseach with human subjects should find the latest information on the IRB website and contact the Assistant Academic Administrator before proceeding.

University Vehicle: Forms and guidelines for Driver Aurthorization.

Other Forms:


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