EPICS Advisor Responsibilities

  • Lab (weekly): Attend the two hour weekly scheduled lab.

  • Project Plan Report : Give feedback on semester plan report.

  • Formal progress reports and presentations: (twice per semester for continuing teams; 3 times in a team's first semester): Each team prepares a mid semester written progress report and a written end of semester report. The team also gives a a formal end of semester presentation which is scheduled during exam week.

  • Design Review (Week 11): Help team prepare for Design Review, which occurs Week 11, by reviewing reports and presentations with the team.

  • Team Budget: (included in Semester Plans and Project Proposals): Each team prepares a budget to cover expenses through the academic year. Included in the budget is justification for each expense. The advisor is to read and approve the team's budget. In addition, advisors must also approve purchases made by the team.

  • Evaluation and grading: Team members are evaluated based on their individual contributions, individual learning, and on the overall performance of the team. Grades are based on the student's design notebook, lecture attendance, on the formal project presentations and reports, the lab demonstrations, individual semester goals, and the evaluation of the community project partner. Each student is asked to critique both his/her own learning and participation in the project (individual memo) and that of all team members (peer evaluations).

    At weeks 4 and 12, the advisors provide informal feedback to the students regarding their goals and accomplishments. At mid-semester and at the end of the semester, advisors provide more formal, individual feedback to each team member, giving the student's individual and team grades and summarizing the student's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Consulting: Advise the members of your team as needed. Provide technical advise for other EPICS teams as appropriate and availability allows.

  • Directing focus: Advising the team on selection of projects with respect to technical and design content.

  • Interaction with partner community organization: The students have primary responsibility for interacting with the community partner. The advisor should have at least the following interactions:
    • If possible, meet with the project partner prior to the start of the fall semester. For continuing teams, the purpose of the meeting is to re-establish contact and discuss broad goals for the year. For new teams, the purpose of the meeting is to work with the partner to generate a list of possible projects to serve as a starting point for the team's discussions with the partner. EPICS staff will arrange the team's initial meeting with the project partner which should occur during week 2 or week 3 schedule lab session.
    • Attend the team's first meeting with the project partner.

  • EPICS Award (end of semester): Participate in selecting the individuals and teams that will receive awards.

  • Advisor meeting(s):  Attend advisor meeting(s) if available. The first and most significant meeting typically occurs the week before classes begin.  In addition, there are usually one or two shorter meetings that occur during the semester.
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