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Michael Denton

Industry Consultant, Purdue EPCOM
Michael Denton earned a B.S. and M.S in Petroleum Engineering and a M.S. in Economics and from Texas A&M University.  Career includes over 35 years of engineering, management, business and leadership experience in delivering multibillion dollar oil & gas assets including deepwater, unconventional and international projects.

Decide to become a Petroleum Engineer after roustabouting and roughnecking on several North Sea oil platforms and drilling rigs.  After graduating from Texas A&M, began my career as a Wireline Engineer throughout onshore and offshore Texas.

Worked for BP in Houston from 1993–2005 gaining the following experience in production, reservoir, drilling and subsea engineering. 

  • Modeled reservoirs, forecasted and optimized production and developed economics on various domestic and international fields
  • Developed and implemented major capital project processes improving project economics.
  • Lead multidiscipline teams in decision analysis, value engineering, Lean project management, developing strategies and improving value of major capital projects.
  • Developed and implemented drilling and completion processes by integrating decision analysis, value engineering and Lean project management
  • Designed and installed subsea equipment, identified and eliminated risk for lifting operations and planned Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS).

Worked for Chevron in Houston from 2005–2010 leading multidiscipline teams in decision analysis, value engineering, peer reviews, lessons learned, assurance, and interface and risk management on numerous domestic and international major capital projects.

Worked for Petrofac as the Asset Manager in the Ţicleni Asset, Romania.  Led almost 1000 personnel responsible for production, subsurface, drilling, workovers, facilities and projects associated with nearly 240 wells in five different fields.  Significantly increased reserves and production through process improvement, capturing behind pipe reserves, subsurface development and drilling new wells.

Currently working as the Global Production and Facilities Advisor for Halliburton in Houston advising multidiscipline technical teams on improving reserves, production and cost in mature fields and unconventional plays.

Co-Authored, The End of Project Overruns-Lean and Beyond for Engineering, Procurement and Construction with Dr. Robert Patty in 2010