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Robert M Patty

Ph.D, P.E. Purdue EPCOM Center Director, Professor of Practice,

Beavers Heavy Construction Distinguished Fellow

Robert M. Patty
Over 35 years of experience planning and executing small, medium and mega scale projects, the last 16 years, prior to joining Purdue, as Executive VP of corporate operations, senior project manager, lean construction engineering technology chief, lean program manager and mentor for company leaders seeking to implement the principles and systems of rapid FEL & EPC improvement. Materially assisted projects and companies lay claim to millions of dollars in savings / cost avoidance and months of schedule reduction. Extract and align best practice, quantify further improvement opportunity, provide lean principles training and facilitate teams of client and EPC peers achieving excellent project performance.

Personal Project Experience

  • Assessed EPC readiness/rapid improvement opportunity
  • Natural Gas to Low Sulfur Diesel – $8 B Construction
  • Specialty Chemical – Maintenance & Small Capital EPC
  • Petrochemical Integrated Program $23 B – PreFEED
  • Tar Sands Crusher, Oil Extraction – $500M EPC
  • Microchip and Solar Panel Manufacturing – Construction
  • Space Shuttle Large Solid Rocket Motor Casting Facility
  • Refinery Upgrade for Extra Heavy Canadian Crude
  • Trimellitic Anhydrid (TMA) Acid Production
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Plant – $3 B PreFEED
  • Oil Refining Upgrade for NOx Reduction
  • 48 to 52” LNG Pipeline Calgary – Chicago $10 B
  • Olefins Expansion
  • Precast/Prestressed Concrete – EPC, plant design
  • Water Reclamation, Main Plant
  • Automated Material Handling System
  • Commercial, Education, high end Residential Buildings


  • P.T. Tripatra Engineers and Constructors, Indonesia
  • Chevron-Nigeria, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)
  • Eastman Chemical & CIBA Specialty Chemical, KBR
  • DOW – Saudi Aramco, KBR
  • Syncrude – PetroCanada, AMEC, CPI Consulting
  • BP Solar, CPI Consulting
  • Thiokol, Layton Construction, EPC Project Manager
  • BP Refining, CPI Constructability/Lean Consulting
  • BP Chemicals, KBR, CPI Constructability Consulting
  • Chevron, PDVSA, KBR Constructability – Lean Engr
  • BP Refining, KBR Constructability – Lean Engr
  • The AlasCan Group, KBR – Constructability Lean
  • BP Chemical, KBR – Constructability Consulting
  • Paulsen Construction – VP, Partner, Proj. & Plant Mgr
  • Salt Lake City, Paulsen Const’n – VP, Const Mgr.
  • U.S. Air Force, Paulsen Const’n – Partner, Prj. Mgr.
  • Brigham Young University, Various Others


Patty, Robert M; Denton, Michael A.; The End of Project Overruns, Lean and Beyond for Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Universal-Publishers, Boca Raton, FL, 2010, 485 pgs

Lean Engineering & Management

  • Measured current work process level productivity
  • Quantified and prioritized opportunity with team alignment
  • Derived push-flow Front-end execution and pull-flow Engineering, Fabrication and Construction work processes
  • Managed Lean & Constructability Program, KBR Energy & Chemical Division, world wide
  • Reduced non-value added and contributory labor
  • Improved information quality and flow reliability
  • Piloted engineering & construction standards derivation
  • Pioneered means to improve cycle times – bolting & erection
  • Established lean work task packaging, improved commitments, visual execution control & status transparency
  • Taught preassembly location & flow optimization methods
  • Enabled management by best practice work process standards
  • Identified principles reducing project and corporate overhead
  • Promoted lean conversion for sustained market differentiation

Major Activities before 1993 & Ph.D

  • Contract Negotiation & Project Management
  • Detailed Structural Steel Engineering
  • Marketing and Proposal Preparation
  • Hard dollar estimating and Procurement
  • Supplier and Subcontractor Management
  • Construction management
  • Contracting Business Administration
  • R&D, Detailed Design and Construction of Automated Material Handling System

Selected Savings for Work Process Improvements

$10 Billion LNG Pipeline, Logistics and Operations.....~4.5% Client Savings

$3 Billion PreFEED project.....$840 M Increased national content

  • Avoided scope growth.....$75 Million Client Savings
  • Avoided revenue loss by schedule assurance.....$1,230 Million Client Savings
  • Reduced operating & maintenance (OPEX).....$15 Million/yr Client Savings
  • Saved additional capital expense (CAPEX).....$16 Million Client Savings


  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Venezuela
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • Indonesia

Personal Data

  • PhD Civil/Construction Engineering & Mgmt, Purdue University
  • MBA, Colorado State University
  • BS Civil Engineering, Colorado State University
  • PE – Civil California #35257
  • Lean trained by Chihiro Nakao, Shingijutsu President