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Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Purpose: Bi-weekly meeting of the ENE safety committee

Date: October 10th, 2014 at 10:00am


  • J. Huddleston
  • P. La Petina
  • M. Ohland
  • K. Rodgers
  • J. Whitford
  • R. Womack


  • P. La Petina
  • M. Ohland
  • J. Whitford

1. New Business

  • OSHA Building Audits
    • Final audit results were distributed to departments. ENE had 3 issues (2 issues of no ceramic tile, one issue of electrical breaker clearance)
    • All issues have been abated & REM has been notified
  • 2015 REM Reindemnification audit process has been started
    • All ENE office spaces will be audited by 11/1/14
    • i2i Lab/AFL spaces will be audited on 10/17/14
    • Current certification expires on 12/31/14, plan to hold program audit in the month of November
    • All ENE employees should expect a member of the Safety Committee to audit their workspace. Employees can prepare by completing the office safety self-audit checklist
  • Emergency Response Update
    • Manual door locks have been installed in B061
    • FYE Emergency Response Procedures will be adjusted to reflect this change

2. Review of College of Engineering Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting held on October 10th. Purdue all hazards awareness seminar was presented.

3. Review of Open Safety Items List

  • Item #28: Air monitoring scheduled with REM for October 24th.

4. Review of Open Near Miss Items

  • Item #10: Waiting on push of Alertus application to all desktop computers

Next Meeting: Friday, October 24th at 10:00am in ARMS B098