Engineering Education Research Podcast Launches

Author: Dr. Ruth Steveler
Event Date: January 8, 2018
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We are so excited to share with you that Dr. Ruth Steveler's podcasts are now available on iTunes! Steveler's "Research Briefs" podcasts aim to expand the boundaries of engineering education research by exploring new frameworks, new methods, and new findings with the researchers who created them.

Ruth's podcasts are the first of its kind on iTunes, to discuss engineering education research. Her first ever inaugural guest was Dr. Joachim Walther, is at the University of Georgia College of Engineering and founding director of the Engineering Education Transformation Institute at the university. In his interview, he discusses his Qualifying Qualitative Quality (Q3) framework.

In June, Dr. Ruth Steveler interviewed Dr. Shawn Jordan (ENE PhD'10), Associate Professor of Engineering at Arizona State University. Shawn shares how he uses storytelling principles in his research and to broaden participation in engineering. Dr. Ruth Steveler has also previously interviewed Dr. Allison Godwin, Dr. Lisa Benson, Dr. Karl Smith, and Dr. Alice Pawley. New episodes will be released monthly and are produced by our own TJ Wharry. Stay tuned on ITunes for more!