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Trying to reach ECN while the website outage is ongoing? Please use the following email addresses, include your career account login and a preferred contact method, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


AAE: aaesite@ecn.purdue.edu
ABE: abesite@ecn.purdue.edu
BME: bmesite@ecn.purdue.edu
CE: csite@ecn.purdue.edu
ChE: chesite@ecn.purdue.edu
Dean's Office: doesite@ecn.purdue.edu
EEE: eeesite@ecn.purdue.edu
ENE: enesite@ecn.purdue.edu
EPICS: epicssite@ecn.purdue.edu
IE: iesite@ecn.purdue.edu
ME: mesite@ecn.purdue.edu
NE: nesite@ecn.purdue.edu
POTR: potrsite@ecn.purdue.edu
WANG: wangsite@ecn.purdue.edu
Webmaster: webmaster@ecn.purdue.edu

Purdue Polytechnic

West Lafayette: techsite@ecn.purdue.edu
Statewide: swtsite@ecn.purdue.edu

Exec. VP of Research & Partnerships/Discovery Park


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