School of Engineering Education Seminars

The School of Engineering Education hosts a weekly seminar series from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m. on Thursdays in Armstrong Hall, in a new location, Room B071*.  

These seminars provide the engineering education community a chance to get together to talk about new ideas, share successes and new research, and support developing research. A novel mix of presentations, performances, and conversations facilitated by external visitors and Purdue University members is on offer. This seminar is for graduate and undergraduate students, staff, and faculty from across the university. Join us!  

*except for the Interdisciplinary Engineering Colloquium, which takes place in Kurz Atrium in Armstrong Hall.

Past Seminars 2011-12

April 12, 2012 ENE Town Hall Meeting (continued) Velvet Fitzpatrick
March 22, 2012 Liberal Studies in Engineering (for All) - Seminar Louis Bucciarelli, Professor Emeritus of Engineering and Technology Studies
February 16, 2012 What Engineers Do: Framing Engineering Practice - Seminar Dr. Bill Williams
February 9, 2012 ENEGSA Town Hall Meeting
February 2, 2012 Toward a New Paradigm: A Bachelor of Science Degree With a Major in Engineering Education - Seminar Dr. Ken Reid, Director of First-Year Engineering, Program Director of Engineering Education, Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science <em>and</em> Eric T. Baumgartner, Dean, T.J. Smull College of Engineering
January 26, 2012 Can a Single Course on Teaching in Engineering Have Impact? - Seminar Robert J. Gustafson, P.E.; Director, Engineering Education Innovation Center; Honda Professor for Engineering Education; Professor, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
January 19, 2012 Retrieval-Based Learning - Seminar Dr. Jeffrey Karpicke, Assistant Professor
December 1, 2011 Publishing: An Academic Necessity Dr. Larry Shuman
November 10, 2011 It Takes a Team: Reflections at the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight Gary Horlacher, Flight Director, NASA; Dr. Michael Smith, Dept. of History, Purdue University
September 22, 2011 Human-Centered Design: Research and Practice - Seminar Dr. Carla Zoltowski
September 1, 2011 What's Happening With Women in Engineering - Seminar Beth Holloway, Qu Jin, Julia Thompson, Lorie Groll
August 25, 2011 ENE: The Year Ahead - Seminar Dr. David Radcliffe