Beyond Constructivism: Models and Modeling Perspectives on Mathematics Problem Solving, Learning, and Teaching

This book, edited by Richard Lesh and Helen M Doerr, published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2003, has two primary goals: On the level of theory development, the book clarifies the nature of an emerging “models and modeling perspective” about teaching, learning, and problem solving in mathematics and science education. On the level of emphasizing practical problems, it clarifies the nature of some of the most important elementary-but-powerful mathematical or scientific understandings and abilities in the present and future technology-based information age.

Beyond Constructivism: Models and Modeling Perspectives on Mathematics Problem Solving, Learning, and Teaching features an innovative Web site housing online appendices for each chapter, designed to supplement the print chapters with digital resources that include example problems, relevant research tools and video clips, as well as transcripts and other samples of students’ work: .

Rational Number Project

The Rational Number Project (RNP) was the longest lasting cooperative multi-university research project in the history of mathematics education. NSF has, with the exception of 1983-84, funded it continuously since 1979.
The RNP’s most significant accomplishment is the collection of over 90 papers, book chapters, several books and other project publications. The vast majority of these are concerned with the learning and teaching of rational number concepts including fraction, decimal, ratio, indicated division, measure and operator. These studies led naturally to investigations of proportionality with specific attention to the components of proportional reasoning. We have examined the contributions of multiplication and division understandings to these earlier mentioned concepts and then proceeded to concern ourselves with the design of effective professional development programs for teachers and concurrently with appropriate assessment practices in our field. As project interests evolved, various project Co-PI’s cooperated in preparing material for publication. We have been quite successful in this regard and view these publications as a significant body of literature and contribution to what is known about these issues in our field.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematic provides K-16 educators with resources, professional development opportunities and publications. NCTM:

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